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MiCleft - Michigan Cleft Network, Inc., is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity (EIN #80-0151508).
"We” “Our” the “Network” “Corporation” “MiCleft" "MiCleft.org" and "Michigan Cleft Network, Inc.," denotes the incorporated non-profit organization, its Board of Directors, Network Administrators, Corporate Sponsors and Affiliates, Webmasters, and any other future roles managed specifically by Michigan Cleft Network.
Furthermore, any/all references to MiCleft “data” “records” “materials” “documents” member “services” and/or “programs” denotes sole ownership to said items. This ‘ownership’ is not limited to: our Mission; Articles of Incorporation; Logo(s) and depictions once-noted association with MiCleft, product development, organization structure, and the overall concept of Michigan Cleft Network; any/all created, initiated, and completed transactions and Network projects; data and multi-media uploads; electronic communications; as well as information exchanged, acquired, borrowed and acknowledged herewith, remains owned by the Corporation.
First and foremost, services and programs whether directly offered by MiCleft or through affiliation of an outside entity - are free from discrimination. No participant or person browsing or applying for membership, shall be discriminated against because of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, economic or marital or family status.

Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy covers the treatment of personal information that is collected when you use the MiCleft site(s) and services. This Policy does not apply to the practices of third-party companies that MiCleft does not own or control; or to people that we do not manage. Our system automatically logs your server information when you browse this site. The referring URL is also logged whenever you view a page on the Corporate site. We use this information to identify paths taken to reach each page, to help diagnose server problems, and more specifically, to help determine statistical usage of our site(s) and services. No statistics reported include personal information about any users. MiCleft does not use any persistent cookies. A session-only cookie is used to enable the forms to work properly. This cookie is set to expire at the end of each session. Cookies received by you while browsing member’s sites and/or other on-line entities not hosted by the Network, are beyond the control of MiCleft. We do not collect or harvest the email addresses of people who contact MiCleft indirectly. All information submitted by you is password-protected for your privacy and security. We won't tell anyone your password and in return we can not be held responsible for any misuse of your password if you disclose it to a third-party. We will only use the information to respond to your queries and it will NOT be passed on to spammers. MiCleft will never sell, lease, rent or give away your personal information.
We may share personal information about you to others;
---If we have your consent to share the information,
--- If we need to send the information to third-party companies who work on behalf of MiCleft, to provide a product or service to you. These companies do not have right to use the information we provide beyond what is necessary in lieu of contract.
--- Personal information MAY be disclosed in the case of cooperating with law enforcement agencies and/or any governing officials of affiliated craniofacial organizations, to aid in identifying those persons using our services for unethical or illegal purposes. This information may be given by our sole discretion; and without the need of a subpoena or court order.
--- If we respond to subpoenas, court orders or legal process, or finally,
--- If we find that your behavior within or in relation to our web site(s) and programs violates the MiCleft Terms of Service, or any of our usage guidelines for services; such information may be disclosed to resolve disputes, accusations, misunderstandings, and liabilities; as well as warranting proof to our defense or credit.

MiCleft Email Account
Use of account is at your discretion, and you have the choice of using it universally or as an auto-forwarder. If used as a forwarder, all inbound mail is re-directed to your hidden address with no knowledge to the sender. For added security, we recommend that you use the same address for all MiCleft activity. Furthermore, you are responsible for specifying a reply-to address. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Failing to do so will allow the receiver view of hidden addresses. You are solely responsible for this account and will not hold MiCleft accountable for ill use. MiCleft reserves right to determine what is 'ill use' and furthermore, reserves right to “enter” and “investigate” use of the account. MiCleft email accounts are property of the corporation, and we therefore, can terminate the account, without notice, for any reason.

Interactive Services
Much of the content within MiCleft is generated by site users, browsers and members. Every care is taken to ensure that this content is appropriate, inoffensive and not in violation of any laws or ethical guidelines, however, the moderation of these facilities is a manual process. The views within areas of MiCleft site(s) do not necessarily reflect the views of the Corporation, and we cannot be held liable for participants statements, behavior or actions.
The "On-Line Community" is a platform service provided by Spruz Inc., (www.spruz.com), Palo Alto, CA. Acceptance of "MiCleft Membership” and/or entering the online environment, constitutes agreement to both, Michigan Cleft Network, Inc., and Spruz Inc. Terms of Use.

Advertising, Self Promoting, Invites, and Links to Websites
We offer community members three (3) specific ways of sharing unrelated websites.
1) Members are given option of entering ONE personal website and/or blog URL upon enrollment, for the purpose of displaying ONE address on their profile.
2) Members can request that the same URL and identification factor be listed on the “Members Links” page within the MiCleft Community.
3) Members can publish their “title” or “position” with the entity, the name of the entity, and its URL in closing/signature of their ORIGINAL post to the WELCOME and INTRODUCTIONS discussion forum.
Members are given the three aforementioned opportunities to announce outside entities. We do not allow any other self promotional posts, message signatures, or introductions secondary to your ORIGINAL WELCOME/INTRODUCTION FORUM POST announcing websites/organizations/businesses to gain personal exposure, without PRE-APPROVAL. It does not matter if it’s unrelated to craniofacial anomalies. Pre-approval requirement includes personal off-site blogs, events hosted by the outside entity, promotional fliers, advertisements, invitations to join another network, etc. It is against board rules to invite, coerce, or approach other members with hidden agenda; to join other community websites through ‘Let’s get to know each other’ messages, posts, email, PM, use of MiCleft membership list or any other resource within the Network website(s).

On-Line Programming
A portion of the on-line content within the Network is generated by MiCleft, by means of in-house resources, not limited to: design, development, layout, animation, sound, editor software, scripts and programs willfully-acquired or purchased from third-parties. Such resources are property of the Network. Voluntary submittals by MiCleft members, hereby grant MiCleft full permission rights. MiCleft and its individual members are owners of the content; shared multi-media, uploaded files and photos, information held in personal profiles, and members contact information. Therefore, you are not allowed to make use of ANY content on or within our on-line programs, features/applications, members listing, user profiles, interactive services, event calendars, subgroups, forums, galleries, webpages, links, editorials and publications et al, without EXPLICIT permission from MiCleft and/or content owner(s).

"We are not doctors. And we don't give medical advice!" The content of the MiCleft website is provided for general information only and is not intended in any way to substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. This site does not offer medical advice and is not maintained by health professionals. No medical decision should be based on information accessed, suggested, posted or viewed on this site. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional if you have any concern about you or your child's health.
MiCleft does not participate in advertising for the purpose of commercial profit. Any products, announcements, and links to resources are provided without endorsement.
While the MiCleft site, services and content is plentiful in providing essential resources and information, it is a compilation of patients, and/or their parents thoughts, experiences, ideas and discussions. In the event that a member is also a professional (of any rank) in the health field, MiCleft encourages the member to use precaution when identifying themselves by title or disclosing personal information. They are also asked to correspond with others 'privately' in the event of having intension to giving any professional advice, evaluation, information, or treatment. The opinions and statements made in all articles, posts and replies do not represent the opinion of MiCleft or it's affiliates. MiCleft is not responsible for the communication; whether verbal, written, or by any technology, of it's general members, corporate sponsors, contributors, individuals holding position of MiCleft Board of Directors, and its affiliates. MiCleft is not responsible for the content of any off-site pages that are accessible from this website. MiCleft is providing this website and all information intact, as a free, public service only and no guarantees or warranties are made or implied regarding such information. Participants are encouraged to confirm the information contained herein; and contained by means of communication of MiCleft members, and visitors with other reliable sources. MiCleft disclaims all warranties with respect to any information posted on this website. In no event shall MiCleft, its Board of Directors, General Members and its affiliates be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages whatsoever resulting from the use of the website or material, whether in an action of contract, negligence of other action, or performance of this website. In addition, MiCleft assumes no responsibility, and shall not be liable for any damages to or any viruses that may infect your computer equipment or software because of your on-line activity, correspondence with others while on the site(s). Visitors and members are strictly prohibited from posting or transmitting any unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic or profane material, or any material that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate applicable law. You acknowledge that the site contains information, software, graphics, videos, text, images, and other material (collectively "content") that are protected by copyrights, trademarks or other proprietary rights. Such content herein, is owned by MiCleft or third-parties that have granted MiCleft reprint permission rights. Therefore, you may not add to, publish, transfer, sell, trade, or create derivative works from, any of the content, without explicit permission from MiCleft. In the event that a request is made in efforts to obtain permissions of content not owned by MiCleft, appropriate third-party information will be provided. You may, however, make public reference to select portions of the content, provided that “site/credit” MiCleft within close proximity, inclusive MiCleft widgets and contact information. PRIOR notification of such publication must be provided to MiCleft.
This is a living document, as circumstances change so it will too. Important changes will be announced at the MiCleft Community, affiliated social networks, and by email.
If you should have any problems or questions about MiCleft's Terms of Use, Disclaimer or Policies, please contact us at Admin@MiCleft.org 

Updated 9/2/2009